10 tips for working parents to raise children
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10 tips for working parents to raise children

Many parents aspire to build a decent, ideal life for their children, and provide all their needs, so each of the parents may work to build that life for their children day and night, which is something that many people view with a negative view, who takes care of the children?

Many still believe that the mother’s work negatively affects her family, while justifying it to the fathers. Others believe that the father’s work causes him to neglect his father’s upbringing. Each parent has an important and vital role in raising children and building a healthy and balanced family, and work is not necessarily a negative matter, and it is important To understand that balancing the two without neglecting the other is a huge challenge for both the working mother and the children.

To organize your life and save time to connect with your children, in this article we have collected 10 tips for working parents to raise children.


1- Organize your schedule to spend time with your child

Organize your schedule to spend time with your child
Organize your schedule to spend time with your child

Organize your time to make your routines easy and quick to prepare, to save time to spend with your children, take advantage of the holidays to go out with and enjoy the outdoors, have lunch together, and visit relatives, organizing time is one of the most important tips that must be taken care of, especially if both father and mother work It is preferable, if possible, that you do not work at the same time, for example, the father works in the morning and the mother in the evening, so that one of the parents stays with the children. You must provide a part of each day, even a small hour, for your little one. And in the time you spend with your child, try to set boundaries, do not take in any work, so that the child feels that he is the center of your attention.


2- Communicate with your child

When you enter the house and finish work, spend as much time as possible with your children. These moments, no matter how short, are very important for your child’s psychological state. Ask him how his day was, and listen carefully to what he wants to express. You can also tell him how your day was. Play with him, work and help him with his homework, and don’t leave him sitting alone for long periods, the most dangerous thing that can happen is a gap between you due to lack of communication.


3- The importance of dividing tasks between the dad and the mom

The importance of dividing tasks between the dad and the mom
The importance of dividing tasks between the dad and the mom

You have to divide the house tasks between you two, the responsibility of the house does not lie only on the mother’s shoulders, and if you share in completing the tasks, you will have enough time to spend with your children as a family, and participation creates a balanced personality in children so they can also participate with you in the work of tasks, the child will enjoy He will often feel that he has a role in the family. One of the best educational methods is to teach your children the principle of participation and cooperation.


4- Let go of idealism

You should know that it is normal to make mistakes, there is no perfect father and mother, but there are those who do their best, life is difficult, and providing for the needs of the family is not easy for everyone, some need to work overtime to provide for basic needs, you just have to maintain the family link, And on the relationship between you and the children.


5- Don’t shy from getting help

Don't shy from getting help
Don’t shy from getting help

Never be shy about asking for help, as raising children and taking care of them is a great responsibility, especially if you two are from working parents. You can appoint someone to monitor the children while you are at work, such as leaving them at the grandmother’s house or someone you trust and know well, and it is more preferable that you send your children to “A nursery” or a place where children can communicate with those of their age, a place where they take their full freedom in playing, talking and practicing useful and purposeful activities.



You also need to make time for yourself no matter how little, a little period of relaxation without responsibility or worry about the house and its tasks, you can watch a game or go out with your friends, or go to your favorite salon for a new haircut, take enough rest so that you can You continue to give, you must be in a good psychological and physical condition because this will reflect on the psyche of your child at the end of the day.

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