5 tips for first-time parents
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5 Tips for first-time parents

If you are preparing to be a mother for the first time, be ready for the most beautiful experience in your life, the arrival of a new baby for a period for each father, and you should know that from now your daily routine will change and your hours sleeping will be linked to his sleep hours. You will need some experience to deal with your little one, who is unable to articulate what he has.

And For you to be ready, we have given you 5 Tips for first-time parents

1-How to do proper breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not only the ideal way to provide your baby with the nutrients necessary to build his body, but it is one of the most important ways to create a beautiful bond with him.

as your child gets older the number of times he ate will decrease and the amount will increase. Pay close attention to signs of hunger such as finger sucking, lip movements, and crying. Avoid smoking and bad habits and take any medication without consulting a doctor. You must take care of your meals if you choose to breastfeed in order to be able to provide your child with what he needs to build his body in a healthy way, you can also check out the 10 Most important meals for Breastfeeding Moms.

5 tips for first-time parents
5 tips for first-time parents

2-Burping after breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, babies tend to swallow air bubbles, and when air bubbles are trapped in the stomach of infants, causing them to feel bloated, uncomfortable, and cramping, burping is when your baby gets rid of that air by gently patting the baby on the back. Place your baby on your chest while he is sitting upright, with his chin supported on your shoulder, and continue patting your baby’s back until you hear the burping sound. Do not forget to put a piece of cloth over your shoulder in case the child throws up a little.


3-How to hold a child correctly

It is important for parents to make sure to carry their child in a proper manner because the infant’s body is very fragile and weak, and carrying the child in the wrong way may negatively affect his spine and head. When carrying the child, support his head and back well. You can support your baby’s head on your chest, put your right hand under his bottom, and your left hand on his back, and it is the best way to hold and calm your baby because he is resting when he hears your heartbeat.

5 tips for first-time parents
5 tips for first-time parents

4-Pay attention when shaking the child

You must be careful when shaking your baby because children’s brains are much softer than adults, and their neck muscles and ligaments are very weak. Shaking a child violently or sharply to punish or calm him may cause “shaken baby syndrome” that leads to the destruction of brain cells and prevent the brain from receiving what Enough oxygen. The chances of permanent damage to the brain increase the younger the infant. So, when your baby cries, you must be patient. First, take a deep breath and count to 10, then calm your baby by talking to him in a low voice or playing with him.

5-Take care of your baby’s sleeping habits

Your baby sleeps about 18 hours in his first weeks, and every two or three hours for feeding are interrupted, you can follow a fixed bedtime routine that helps babies feel happy and at ease. Like showering, wearing comfortable clothes, reading a story, and kissing him, these steps help him feel comfortable and ready for bed. You can wrap him in a blanket to soothe him, and avoid your son getting used to shaking and feeding to sleep, as he will need to shake and breastfeed always in order to sleep.

5 tips for first-time parents
5 tips for first-time parents

And like any new mother, you will be showered with a lot of advice and opinions from close and friends, accept the advice of your mother and mother-in-law with open arms, as they expect to deal with your child in the same way they dealt with their children in the past.

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