5 Tips for picking summer clothes for your child
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5 Tips for picking summer clothes for your child

What do children wear in the summer? And when can I lighten my child’s clothes? With the advent of summer and the high temperatures, many mothers begin to worry about whether their baby’s clothes are suitable for the weather?

Children have a limited ability to sweat, so they are more susceptible to overheating, so you should pay attention to whether your child feels hot or the clothes he wears are appropriate.

Pay close attention to the signs that your child is suffering from heat if his face starts to turn red, his breathing speeds up, or his skin is hot more than usual. To check your baby’s temperature, touch the back of your baby’s neck to check his temperature. Usually, babies tend to get irritable and angry when they are hot.

In order to find out the best clothes that you can buy, we explain to you in the following points 5 Tips for picking summer clothes for your child.

The number of pieces of clothing appropriate in the summer

Some mothers exaggerate the layers of clothing the baby is wearing, but the fewer pieces of clothing the better, to avoid sweating and maintain a moderate temperature. For the temperatures to rise more, the layers of clothes are gradually dispensed until the temperatures stabilize and he wears summer clothes as trousers and a light T-shirt or a simple sleeveless dress, and it is preferable to abandon the lighter layers at the beginning.

On very hot days, you can suffice by dressing your child in underwear, wrapping him in a light blanket in case the weather is a little cold during the night, or wearing a cotton jacket over his clothes. But be aware that reducing children’s clothes during the day and replacing them with heavy clothes at night may expose them to the risk of catching colds and flu, so you should choose lightweight jackets that are appropriate for the summer.

5 tips for picking summer clothes for your child
5 tips for picking summer clothes for your child

Suitable fabric type

With the increase in the temperature, you can replace the winter clothes made of wool or heavy cloth with light, soft summer fabrics. Usually, clothes made of nylon, polyester, or any type of uncomfortable fabrics cause an increase in the body temperature, so it is preferable to choose cotton clothes in the summer period, especially in Underwear because it is thin and soft against your child’s skin and does not cause friction or overheat. And make sure that his clothes do not contain any extra sewing and stay away from rough fabrics that may harm your child’s skin.

You can also choose sunscreen clothes, which are clothes made of fabrics that reflect the sun’s rays that are treated with ingredients that inhibit ultraviolet rays, and you can find them in clothing stores, which are clothes that bear the new classification of UPF.

The right colors

It is important to choose suitable colors for the summer heat, as dark colors are known to absorb heat, you can choose lighter colors such as white and pastels, as they are bright colors that reflect sunlight and do not absorb heat.


5 tips for picking summer clothes for your child
5 tips for picking summer clothes for your child

Avoid tight clothing

Tight clothing may cause your child’s temperature to rise and cause skin irritation, so it is preferable to wear loose-fitting clothes that do not conceal your child’s body and allow your child’s skin to breathe and feel the air. For example, if your child wears a bodysuit, be careful that it is not tight, especially around the arms and neck.

No accessories needed

The child’s wearing of socks and hats is one of the first reasons for the high temperature of children in the summer, unless those hats are designed to protect from the sun’s rays, when children go out in the day, they must wear a light-colored hat that reflects the harmful rays of the sun and protects the child from getting a sunstroke.

5 tips for picking summer clothes for your child
5 tips for picking summer clothes for your child

In the summer, always make sure to keep your child’s temperature at a moderate level and drink enough fluids to avoid dehydration, avoid going out with children at peak and hot times, and keep your little one in the shade out of direct sunlight as much as possible so that he does not get sunstroke, and take good care of your child wearing clothes Appropriate in the case of using air conditioners and fans so that the child does not catch colds and health ailments.

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