7 essential items to take when going out with kids
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7 essential items to take when going out with kids

Many mothers disappear and stay away from going out for a walk or visiting relatives and friends and enjoying their time after birth, and they devote themselves to raising children and taking care of them from home, and some even refrain from going out or buying home supplies and shopping to avoid the idea of ​​going out with the children, and the subsequent fatigue and effort to take care of it and make sure It won’t cause trouble or noise during the picnic, and enjoy your time at the same time, but is it that difficult?

You have to know that you need to go out and entertain yourself and enjoy a little time to another, all you need is that you are ready for that, and buy some products that will help you go out with your baby without agonizing or getting tired.


And to be ready for that experience, in this article, we have explained to you 7 essential items to take when going out with kids


essential products to take when going out with kids

Get a baby strollers

Choose  stroller for your child to go out with
Choose stroller for your child to go out with

When you go out and walk with your child, especially if your child is a lot of movement, or you have to move freely and you will not be able to carry him throughout the picnic, you must buy a baby stroller for your child to sit in, and thanks to being light in weight so that you can walk in it easily, or buy a convertible stroller To a car seat for your baby to sit in.

baby tool bag

One of the most important things that you must buy so that you can go out with your child easily is the baby’s bag, which is the bag in which you will put all your baby’s needs from diapers, feeding bottles, all other health items, and it is preferable that you choose the bag that has multiple pockets, to contain all the items Your baby, or buying a bag with a linoleum for changing diapers, so that you can change your baby’s diapers while you are outside, so you should change the baby’s diapers every once in a while and not wait to go home whenever he needs to until you are sure that he does not have a rash that harms his skin.

 The most important thing is that the baby’s bag is not heavy and that you do not bring things that you will not need while you are outside.


Baby Bottles and containers

Buy a suitable feeding bottles for your baby
Buy a suitable feeding bottles for your baby

If you prefer to breastfeed your baby with formula or are shy about breastfeeding your baby while you are outside, you can buy feeding bottles to store milk and feed your baby while on a picnic, just avoid storing the milk for periods so that the milk does not spoil or lose its nutritional benefits.


nursing cover

And when you go out with your baby, you must take with you a nursing cover or cover, which is a bib that you wear around your chest that enables you to obtain privacy so that you can breastfeed your baby without embarrassment anywhere without exposing part of your bod


special nursing bra

If you want to breastfeed your little one naturally in the middle of the picnic, it is preferable to wear nursing bras, which are easy to release so that you can feed him easily without having to take off any layer of your clothes.


Sun cream

 Don't forget sunscreen when you go out with your child
Don’t forget sunscreen when you go out with your child

If you are going out with your child in the morning, do not forget to take sunscreen with you, because your child’s skin is very sensitive, so you should protect it from the harmful rays of the sun by applying sunscreen to your child’s skin at least every two hours.


Take your child’s favorite toys

Finally, you can take with you some toys that may distract and entertain your child in case you cannot make him stop crying, such as teethers and pacifiers, as most children may cry for no reason, or they may be surprised by the outside world and noise, these toys help to keep him calm And assured.


Go out and enjoy every moment with your child. Don’t let the fear of how your child will act outside make you avoid going out and breathing the air. Getting the baby outside the house is known to be difficult for any mother, especially if you have many children, but it is not impossible, the reality can be Very easy if you are fully prepared.

You have to understand that you will need some time to adapt and get used to going out with your child and enjoy without problems, you have to know how to deal with his cries and how to calm him in the right way, and always be prepared for the unexpected, children are usually full of surprises.


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