7 most dangerous parenting mistakes
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7 most dangerous parenting mistakes

Many parents may follow wrong methods in raising their children out of love and fear, or because this is what they raised themselves on, and because they believe that this is the correct method of education, but children deserve special treatment from parents, so that they grow healthy and sound.

The family and the home are the first school for the child, and it is the place in which the foundations of the child’s personality are built. It is necessary that those foundations be sound since childhood. Education in childhood is like engraving on a stone, as they say. The task of the father and mother is to follow healthy educational methods that develop the child’s personality and make him young. Sui self-confident and effective in society.

To avoid choosing the wrong way to raise your child, in this article, we have explained to you the 7 most dangerous parenting mistakes.


7 most dangerous parenting mistakes

Reprimanding and treating a child violently

Reprimanding and treating a child violently
Reprimanding and treating a child violently

When you treat your child harshly and violently, you put a great barrier between you and your child, and destroy the family bond between you, and violence and excessive nervousness may cause the child to hate the family and want to get away. By stuttering in speech, or by isolation and unwillingness to deal with others, or in some cases the child and the other may become nervous and violent, and therefore you are condemning your child’s life to collapse since childhood, when you want to scold your child, you can do it calmly and without violence, and not in front of strangers for not He hurt his feelings and self-confidence.


Not teaching a child to be self-reliant

Some parents make it easier for themselves by doing some of the child’s tasks to save time. Instead of the child learning to solve his meals alone and go through experiences and learn from them, some parents may do this on their own instead of encouraging and gaining confidence to do so, which may make the child not He knows how to act alone in simple situations, so he will always turn to his parents and rely on them in every little thing.


Comparing the child to others

Comparing the child to others
Comparing the child to others

Never good when you compare your child to his siblings or friends, comparing your child to others will make him a person who is not confident in himself and always thinks that he does not deserve appreciation, and you may make him a jealous and spiteful person towards others. Different abilities and talents from his colleague or brother, and comparing him to other people may hinder his progress and development, your child’s love for what he is is the best he is.


Not teaching the child right and wrong

One of the worst examples that we see in our daily lives are children who bully other children, or those who cause riots, or children who leave rubbish without cleaning it, and make you wonder why these children did not learn in their home what to do and what is considered wrong and leave it without being held accountable when His behavior is undesirable, and the concern here is that many parents do not pay much attention to this matter.


Fluctuations in the methods of education

Such as punishing the child for a certain behavior once and encouraging him to do the same behavior again, which may distract the child from knowing right and wrong, and may make children not trust the decisions of parents.


Not giving the child enough love and attention

Not giving the child enough love and attention
Not giving the child enough love and attention

Many parents believe that love and attention are unimportant sub-things when raising children, and others do not distinguish between tenderness and pampering, and believe that giving the child the love he needs will make him a spoiled child, a, the child not getting enough attention and containment from his mother Love and enough time to talk about what occupies him or disturbs him, affects his behavior, and makes him nervous and irritable.


excessive petting

Contrary to the previous point, it may cause excessive child pampering, it may make your child deserve to be treated exceptionally later, and he will not be satisfied to be treated like other people. It makes them grow together.


You must control the way you deal with your child, so any wrong way you choose in dealing with your child will affect him in the long run, and you must know that you are not only responsible for meeting your child’s living needs to grow and live properly, but you are responsible for raising and educating him first, responsible for his psychological and social upbringing. also.


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