Brain stimulating and developing toys for children
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Brain stimulating and developing toys for children

It may seem for some parents that giving toys to children is just for entertainment and enjoyment, while in fact, it’s one of the best ways for your child to learn and develop his abilities, many toys recommend toys for their great role in developing your child’s mental abilities.

It combines all activities that can develop the child’s national language, mental and professional skills to solve special problems during the first 6 years of his life. Those toys for memory activating toys, developing creative skills or creative ideas like music toys, drawing, coloring…and many different kinds.

In this article, we will show you the most important Brain stimulating and developing toys for children.


brain stimulating and developing toys for children
brain stimulating and developing toys for children

How do you develop your child’s mental abilities?

Attention should be paid to developing children’s skills from a young age because it is the perfect time where the child is willing to learn and develop his skills, and despite the role of genetics in intelligence, there are some methods that can be followed to develop children’s skills such as reading, music, drawing and practicing sports activities outside, and one of the most important ways is to provide toys Which develop the abilities and intelligence of children.


important brain stimulating and developing toys for children

Building blocks

Building blocks are one of the most popular toys around the world. They help children identify shapes, colors and sizes and put them together, which stimulates different brain skills and problem-solving methods.


Puzzles is just like building blocks toys it helps the child to coordinate between the hands and the eye by assembling the puzzle pieces to each other to form a meaningful shape.

maze toys

When the child plays the maze toy, they learn how to focus, to solve problems, and make mistakes, learn from them and try again. The toy also develops the child’s visual skills.

memory toys

Memory toys activate the child’s concentration and strengthen his memory, such as the memory card toy in which the child works to memorize the place of the cards according to the drawings in them and determine their location after scattering the cards in different places.

brain stimulating and developing toys for children
brain stimulating and developing toys for children

board games toys

Board games toys such as ladder, snake, fortune bank and chess help strengthen their mental abilities and problem-solving methods. They also teach children patience, participation, and cooperation with others. They are for slightly older children, but there is a percentage of children older than 3 years who have shown amazing progress in their mental abilities using these toys Some of them developed and mastered some like chess during their childhood.

Musical toys

There are types of musical toys that teach children letters, languages, and arithmetic, but their role is not only limited to that, but dancing and singing help develop coordination skills between mental and motor abilities and integrate them in an enjoyable way, in addition to improving their listening skills as well.

Role playing toys

Toys such as the doctor toys or cooking toys develop children’s imagination and creativity as well as stimulate social interaction.

parents role in developing the intelligence of their children

In order to develop the mental abilities of your children, you must take some time and devote it fully to them, so that you can understand and encourage them to bring out the talents and abilities within them.

brain stimulating and developing toys for children
brain stimulating and developing toys for children

At that time here is what you can do:


And fairy tales motivate him to use his imagination by building images in his mind through the words and stories that we teach him.


Doing exercises with the child

Exercise has an important effect in removing stress, increasing attention, and releasing negative energy, especially if you do it together as a family.


Eat healthy foods

Offer your child foods that improve mental health and stimulate it, such as: nuts and foods that contain omega-3, such as fish.


the love

When you feel your child, it makes him feel accepted and secure in your presence and the freedom to unleash his energies without limitation.

Toys are very important for your child, not only to enhance his mental abilities, but also psychologically, as they are an important way to enhance self-confidence in children when they finish puzzles or succeed in completing the toy successfully, and here the mother and father must be present to celebrate the success of their child, no matter how small, which will lead to an improvement Self-esteem and confidence that they can do more and experience without fear.

To learn more useful toys for your child’s mental development and intelligence development, you can visit the following link

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