Causes of constipation in children?
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Causes of constipation in children

Constipation is one of the most common problems among children, and it often doesn’t pose a significant risk to children, but it may lead to serious complications that affect their health, or be evidence of a medical condition that must be treated.

There are many different reasons that may lead to your baby having constipation, and the natural bowel movement usually depends on one of the following factors, the age of the child, the nature of the food provided to him, the child’s psychological condition and physical health, so you should keep your eyes on your child to find out which one of the previous factors is the cause of the constipation.

So, in this article, we explained to you the causes of constipation in children and how to treat it?

How do you know if your infant is constipated?

How do you know if your infant is constipated?
How do you know if your infant is constipated?

Constipation in newborn infants is not common, because it usually starts when the child starts eating solid foods, and it is difficult to know whether your young infant has constipation or not, so you must follow your baby’s movements well so that you can determine his condition, and these are some signs Which may indicate that the infant is constipated:

  • Lack of desire to breastfeed.
  • Bloating in the lower abdomen of the infant.
  • Painful cramps and the loud crying due to abdominal pain.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Lack of poop and a thickness of its texture.

But you must pay attention from the last point because it is not necessary that the lack of stool is due to their suffering from constipation,It may be due to lack of nutrition in the case of breastfeeding, for example, that is, there may not be enough milk in your breast to feed it.



Causes of constipation in children

Causes of constipation in children
Causes of constipation in children

There are various causes of constipation in children, the most important of which are:

Not eating enough fiber

One of the most common causes of constipation is not eating enough fiber, as it keeps the intestines flowy.


Not drinking enough fluids

Reducing water intake of less than 5 cups per day causes dry stools, which makes them hard and difficult to pass, and drinking sugary drinks in large quantities may cause constipation as well.


lack of physical activity

The lack of movement causes constipation. Regular physical activities help stimulate normal bowel function.


Allergy to dairy products or too much of them

Excessive consumption of dairy products may cause difficulty in digestion, which will cause your child to be constipated, and you should pay attention if your child is allergic to dairy, as it may be harmful to his stomach and intestines in general and could cause infections.


Refrain from going to the bathroom

Your child may forget to go to the bathroom during the day while being busy playing, or the defecation can make him feel pain so he tries to avoid it, or your child may sometimes feel uncomfortable to enter the bathroom when he goes to a strange place like a new school or a new house, and this may cause the problem to worsen more as the longer the duration of stool retention It became difficult to pass stool.



How to treat constipation in children?

How to treat constipation in children?
How to treat constipation in children?

Giving a massage

Massaging the baby’s belly in a circular motion helps stimulate bowel movement


Eating foods and supplements rich in fiber

Make sure your child gets enough fiber by eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, or dietary supplements containing fiber, such as Metamucil or Citrucel.



You can use laxatives to treat constipation in children, but you must be under the supervision of a doctor to determine the appropriate dose or if the child needs it or not.



In some cases where the child is severely constipated, an enema is used under the supervision of a doctor to get rid of the accumulated stool.

Constipation complications

  • Scratches and cracks in the anus.
  • Rectal prolapse.
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Umbilical hernia


You should pay attention to what you give your child, and if it is appropriate for his age. Encourage him to go to the bathroom and allocate specific times of the day for him regularly to go to defecate, for example, after every meal so that he does not forget and delay, and cause the accumulation of stool that causes constipation.

If constipation exceeds 3 days and you have not been able to treat it with the previous methods, or you notice strange symptoms than usual, you should consult your doctor immediately to avoid complications of constipation, and to find out the cause in case it is a treatable condition.

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