how and when to potty Train your child?
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How and when to potty Train your child?

parents can’t wait for and their child to be able to use the bathroom on their own and for the diaper changing period to be over

However, training your child to use the bathroom or the potty by himself is a big step, not only for him, but for the parents as well as the matter can turn into a mess unless both are ready to go through that experience.

This stage requires a lot of patience from both parents, and for you to be ready for this stage, you must be aware of some basics such as when and how you can train your child to stop using diapers and use the potty?

And through this article, we will show you how to train a child to use the potty and when do you know that he is ready to use the bathroom alone?

The right age to potty train your child

The right age to potty train your child
The right age to potty train your child

All children differ in their mental and physical development, so There is no specific age to start potty training.

you can start training to use the bathroom between one and a half years to two years “18 to 24 months”, it is the age at which he will be able to control his bladder and muscles.

You should Gradually stop using diapers alongside using the potty, until he leaves it completely.

If your child reaches four years and sill cannot use the potty, it is preferable to consult a doctor or experts dealing with children.


How do you know that your child is ready for potty training?

How do you know that your child is ready for potty training?
How do you know that your child is ready for potty training?
  • When he is able to keep his diaper dry for more than an hour or two, because it indicates that his bladder muscles have matured enough.
  • When he can get up and sit by himself.
  • When he can wear and takeoff his clothes by himself.
  • When he is able to sense the time he needs to go to the toilet and able to control it.
  • When he has the ability to understand and follow simple instructions.

Tips to potty Train Your Child

Tips to potty Train Your Child
Tips to potty Train Your Child

Training your child to go to the Bathroom by himself differ from one child to another. Some children can learn to use the bathroom directly without problems, but it may be difficult for others. and here comes the role of the potty since it is easy to move and move and can be placed anywhere.

You can train your child to use the potty by following these instructions:

  1. You can first start by having the child sit on the potty with his clothes on until he gets used to sitting on it, and then you can remove the diaper and let him sit without it.
  2.  Because in the beginning your child will not be able to know when exactly he wants to go to the bathroom. You can have your child sit on the potty every two or three hours for 5 to 10 minutes until he learns to control himself and go when he needs to.
  3.  Set a fun routine for your child to encourage him to use potty, like using water and wipes to clean and wash his hands after.
  4. Encourage him to be self-reliant and independent.
  5. Put the potty in a suitable place so that it is not in a closed far place, so the child wouldn’t want to sit there by himself, letting him choose the place helps him increase his sense of independence.
  6. Try not to make your child feel imprisoned and forced to sit on the booty until he finishes. You have to entertain him throughout the time he sits, you can sit there with him and talk to him, let him play with his toys, and if he does not want to sit for that long, you can just tell him it is fine but we have to do it again latter.
  7. Instead of using the punishment method, use the rewards one, and be careful not to force your child to sit on the potty against his will, so as not to cause him to hate it and become stubborn.
  8. You can use the simulation or acting method, that you represent the way he sits and what to do or that his favorite game is sitting on the booty as well to encourage him.
  9.  you can let your child choose the potty that he will use with you, so it makes him eager to experiment, there are many forms and types of potties that you can check out from here.

Some parents may want to save the cost diapers, so they put pressure on children to learn to use the bathroom quickly, but you must know that your child must be psychologically and physically prepared to be able to enter the bathroom on his own.

You should also know that your child at this stage is considered under training, and learning may take some time, and it is normal for some losses to occur in the process, such as wet clothes, or urinating on the ground and on himself. What you need to do is providing psychological support to your child so that he does not become despair and unwilling to continue.

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