delivery day preparing tips
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Important tips & preparations for the day of giving birth (Labour Day)

your baby’s delivery day is approaching, the beautiful journey of pregnancy is about to end, and the journey to prepare to receive the new little guest begins, all for the moment you will enter your home with him in your arms.

But during the time mother sis waits for this moment, they usually get overwhelmed by a mixture of different feelings of excitement to see her baby, anxiety, and fear of the pain of the childbirth, so you have to be mentally and physically prepared for the day, starting from staying away from stress and doing some exercise.

For you to be reassured, we have explained to you in this article the most important tips and guidelines for the day of birth, and the basics of the birth bag that you will bring with you to the hospital.


some tips to prepare you for the delivery day

some tips to prepare you for the delivery day
some tips to prepare you for the delivery day

There are some important tips that you should follow before giving birth, whether it is natural or cesarean, and they are summarized in the following points:

  • Avoid stress

Stress increases the secretion of adrenaline, which is an antidote to the hormone oxytocin that is responsible for the start of labor, so you have to be calm and not irritable and anxious. In the last days, you can practice yoga to relax and meditate, and to help stretch the muscles of the uterus and lower the baby into the pelvis.


  • Take a hot bath

Hot water helps reduce pain and dilate the cervix if you prefer a natural birth. hot water helps you relax.

  • breathing exercises

you can prepare for pregnancy by practicing breathing before delivery is one of the most important preparations for childbirth. It trains you to regulate your breathing during labor, helps relieve pain, and also helps provide adequate oxygen for you and your baby during birth.

  • Eat food rich in vitamins

Food rich in vitamins help a lot during pregnancy, such as vitamin K, which works on blood clotting and reduce bleeding after childbirth

  • Walking

Because the movement of the body and walking allow the fetus to descend into the pelvis and speed up the birth process, but you must be careful when you walk so that this does not cause amniotic water leakage and dehydration before birth.

  • Know the signs of approaching childbirth

It is very important to recognize the signs of approaching childbirth to be prepared, and you can learn about these signs from here.

hospital bag essentials for delivery day

hospital bag essentials for delivery day
hospital bag essentials for delivery day

Before going to the hospital to give birth, you must have a well-prepared bag with everything you and your newborn baby will need, you should start packing preferably at the beginning of the ninth month, and in the case of having twins, you can prepare it early because most cases of twins give birth early, and the contents of this bag are divided into two parts consists of:

mother part

  • Loose clothes for postpartum
  • Hospital discharge clothes
  • Nursing bras
  • Mother’s Underwear
  • Postpartum sanitary pads
  • Personal hygiene items for the mother (toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and face wash).
  • Lip balm because the lips will dry out during childbirth.
  • phone charger


child’s section

  • baby diapers
  • wet wipes
  • Baby shampoo and soft sponge
  • Towel to dry the baby’s body
  • baby clothes
  • A blanket to receive the newborn.
  • diaper cream



How to overcome the fear of the delivery day

How to overcome the fear of the delivery day
How to overcome the fear of the delivery day
  • Avoid listening to other mothers’ experiences

You should not be influenced by the experiences of mothers who have gone through difficult childbirth experiences, because every mother has a special experience that is different from others.

  • Learn every step of the complete birth process

Some mothers worry that unexpected things will happen during childbirth, and the best solution to get rid of this fear is for the mother to be aware of all the steps of the process so that she feels that everything is under control.

  • Know the right pain killers for you

Before giving birth, you can consult a specialist about the appropriate pain killers for you during and after childbirth, when to take them, and the necessary doses to ensure that you do not experience pain.

most importantly thing is to try to relax in the last days of your pregnancy, to avoid things that increase your stress, do not let negative thoughts creep into you, and do not worry about the baby delivery process, because God created mother’s body to bear many amazing things.

And do not forget to prepare the hospital baby delivery bag to manage your time, and to be surprised by the birth and to be in a hurry, where you won’t be able to pack everything, you need.

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