Tips for your child first haircut
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Tips for your child first haircut

Many parents are afraid of cutting their children’s hair for the first time, and some do not know when or how to do it, but cutting the hair of young children in the first months of their life is very desirable, because it is believed that children are born with a greasy substance that sticks to the hair follicles and causes the accumulation of bacteria that It may cause various diseases.

There are some other beliefs that shaving the hair of an early-born child before his first-year passes stimulates the growth of the brain and nerves, or works to strengthen the hair and increase its density, but these are beliefs that have not been scientifically proven yet. Because the outgrowth of the young head is thin and not yet fully developed, it must be treated gently.

And to be ready for that experience, we explained to you in this article when and how to cut a child’s hair?


What is the appropriate age for your child’s first haircut?

Many opinions were circulated about the appropriate age to cut a child’s hair, and according to the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace (every boy is a hostage with his aqeeqah, it is slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day, shaved, and given name). Silver or gold for the poor, coinciding with the slaughter of the aqeeqah. To learn more about the aqeeqah and its conditions, you can click here.

It is a prophetic Sunnah and not an obligation, but according to some hair care experts, not to cut a child’s hair until after the age of one or even two years, and not before that, as they believe that shaving or cutting may destroy some hair follicles permanently.


What are the benefits of cutting infant’s hair?

What are the benefits of cutting infant's hair?
What are the benefits of cutting infant’s hair?

There are important benefits of cutting a baby’s hair in the first months, the most important of which are:

  • To get rid of microbes and germs stuck to the oily substance in the baby’s hair, and it is preferable to cut the hair here in the first week of birth.
  • Until the child’s hair grows evenly all over his head
  • So that new hair grows in a healthy way, when you cut hair, you get rid of the damaged, and allow it to grow healthy strong hair instead of the damaged.



Important tips for cutting a child’s hair for the first time

Important tips for cutting a child's hair for the first time
Important tips for cutting a child’s hair for the first time

Use sharp scissors to cut the hair, because trying to use dull scissors to cut will cause the child’s hair to break.

  • Avoid using razors with your child because his skin is very tender and more prone to injury.
  • It is preferable to cut children’s hair when it is wet and not dry.
  • Use hair conditioners before cutting it so that it becomes strong and does not break.


what is crusta lactea and how to treat it?

what is crusta lactea and how to treat it?
what is crusta lactea and how to treat it?

Cradle cap is a crusty layer that appears on a baby’s scalp that appears as white or yellow scales. Or it may be in the form of scattered scaly patches on the head, which is a common condition that occurs in newborns and young children up to the age of 3 years, and the main cause of this condition is still unknown to doctors.

To get rid of crusta lactea, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Moisturize your little one’s scalp using coconut oil or olive oil.
  2. Massage your baby’s scalp with your fingers and brush it gently with a soft brush.
  3. Wash your baby’s scalp with baby lotion after bath time only when the skin is damp.
  4. Ask your pediatrician about using a special prescription.


Many mothers think that cutting their children’s hair a lot and shaving it from time to time in the hope that it will increase in density, but this is a wrong belief, as it does not accelerate its growth or increase its density. The nature of hair and its being soft or coarse, heavy, or light, fast, or slow growing It is linked to genetics, nothing more, and getting thick and strong hair requires the child to get the necessary vitamins, by eating vegetables, fruits, dairy, and eggs.

Make sure to prepare your baby before cutting or shaving his hair for the first time, as it is a new experience and may be frightening for him, and do not force him to do so, and then do not forget to bathe your child immediately after cutting his hair, so that the small cut hairs do not cause any annoying infections.

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