When should children start speaking?
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When should children start speaking?

Parents eagerly await the first words of her child, waiting for what he would have uttered the word mama or dada first, and follow the development of all the sounds and simple reactions the baby makes.

Growth and acquiring skills differ from one child to another. Some of them begin to speak faster than others, and others are delayed for various reasons, which causes anxiety and fear for the parents, and both begin to wonder when my child will begin to speak? Does he have a hearing problem?

And through this article, we will answer you when does the child start talking? What are the stages of development of speech skills in children?

Stages of children speech development

Stages of children speech development
Stages of children speech development

4 months and up

At this age, the child begins simple chatter and makes and repeats different sounds in response to the sounds around him.

6 months and up

The baby begins to laugh and interact with you more day after day, and the child at this age may begin to pronounce “mama” or “dada”, and he will also have the ability to associate words with people, so he can distinguish that papa means his father.

A year old and up

At the age of one year, a child is able to understand some simple words such as “yes” and “no”.

one and a half years and up

At this age your child is able to form sentences of 2 to 4 words and to answer simple questions such as what is your name.

two years old to three

Speech development will be noticeable by the time the child is two years old, he will have more vocabulary and be able to express through words.

How do I help my child to learn how to speak?

How do I help my child to learn how to speak?
How do I help my child to learn how to speak?

Some studies have shown that parents who talk to their children frequently from a young age develop mental abilities faster and have a higher IQ than others. and you can help your child learn to speak correctly by:

  • Speak to him in a clear understandable sound, and correct the way he pronounces words in a calm manner with a smile on your face so that the he feels comfortable and free to express himself.
  • Always call him by his name so he can associate names with people.
  • Listen to your child when he starts talking to you and respond to him so that he learns the principles of communication with others.
  • Encourage him when he starts talking by being surprised by what he says and asking to repeat the words and continue his conversation with you.

The main causes of children speech delay

The main causes of children speech delay
The main causes of children speech delay
  • There may be a problem with hearing. Children who have a hearing loss suffer from difficulty understanding speech, which results in difficulty in pronunciation. Therefore, the baby should have a hearing test by an audiologist as soon as possible after birth.
  • It may be an organic cause such as tongue-tied, in which the tongue is tied with a tissue belt to the bottom and this condition is treated with a simple tongue modification operation.
  • Hyperactivity and attention deficit and inability to focus may be the reason for the delay in learning to speak.
  • The surrounding social environment may cause the child psychological problems that affect his ability to talk, such as ignoring the child and not talking to him, or constantly intimidating him, or because he went through psychological trauma at an early age.
  • The reason for the delay in pronunciation may be the weakness of the child’s mental abilities.
  • Stuttering may be the reason for the delay in the ability to form clear words.
  • The child may have autism and here you will find the child late not only in speech but in social communication in general, so the child is isolated and is not able to communicate verbally or visually.

You should know that all children differ in their ability to speak, so you should not panic or compare children to each other because it is very natural, as some children can begin to speak before children of the same age, but the same children are delayed in learning to speak for several months and are preceded by children who are late in speaking pronunciation.

You only have to keep and eye on your child to determine if the reason for his speech delay in children of his normal age is due to some problems, and usually in the case of noticing the delay of speech in the child and their stumbling, it is preferable to consult a specialist doctor to be reassured and know how to deal with if the child suffers from a problem at an early age.

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