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What to expect during labor for first-time moms? ..  the most important tips & tricks

Childbirth stirs up a whirlwind of feelings for the mother. Having a new baby is a blessing from God, but taking care of it is not easy for the parents in general and for the mother, especially in the immediate afterbirth stage, with the lack of time & energy, so we are here at, trying to help you enjoy your motherhood, support and relieve you as much as possible, here are tips and guidelines before and on the day of birth, you can learn more about the signs of the childbirth, all these information will help you pass the pregnancy journey successfully, and prepare for what is coming in the best possible way, follow these lines.



Tips and guidelines to follow before giving birth.

Tips before cesarean delivery.

Tips to follow on the day of birth.

Guidelines to facilitate natural childbirth.

Prepare your needs and put them in the day of the birth bag.


Tips and advice to follow before giving birth

  1. Ensure that all the baby’s necessities are prepared: such as the crib, diapers, wet wipes, shampoo, and a soft sponge for bathing the baby, in addition to a towel to dry the baby’s body, the blanket and the newborn’s clothes, and the method of its use must be ensured.

  2. Preparing and freezing meals: In the weeks or days preceding the birth, you can prepare meals, to reheat them after birth, or you can prepare your meals naturally with an increase in quantity, to detach the excess quantity until it is needed after your birth.

  3. Preparing essential needs for the home: Immediately after birth, you may not be able to go out to buy some necessary things, so make sure to prepare and store them appropriately.

  4. Consider home safety precautions: You may not need to prep your home by putting away everything that poses a safety hazard before your baby starts moving, but it's okay to make plans and make a list of what to do about it.

  5. Make time for yourself: These days are a valuable opportunity to enjoy some time for yourself, because your love for your next child will consume all your time later, and you can also enjoy some activities that you love or spend time with your husband.

  6. Going to a beauty center to do your favorite haircut, and other things that you may not be able to do after giving birth.

  7. Ensure that the signs of childbirth are known to distinguish between false labor and the real, which requires going to the hospital directly.

  8. Prepare a plan but be flexible: these days you can prepare a birth plan, determine your preferences for how things will go, who will be with you and so on, and you have to accept some things that may happen suddenly or may not be planned, so be flexible in facing such things.

  9. Thinking positively: Don't think negatively because it may lead you to postpartum depression and some other diseases that may not enable you to take care of your newborn as you wish.

  10. Writing letters to your child to read when he grows up: It is a good idea to record your abundant feelings towards him in that period, which you may pass on and forget, and these letters will become a beautiful memory for you and him.


Tips before caesarean section

  1. Shower and brush your teeth well to give you a sense of confidence and prevent contamination and cross-infection.

  2. Getting rid of body hair, especially the abdominal area, should be completely free of hair & clean.

  3. Ensure that there is no manicure on the fingers.

  4. Drink enough water throughout the day, and get a balanced diet rich in vitamins for the day before the birth.

  5. Fasting 8 hours from food and drink before delivery.

  6. Prepare the papers for you and your husband, such as the identity card, marriage voucher, and other required papers.

  7. Preparing the required analyzes that doctors need before performing the operation.


Tips to follow on the day of birth


There are some important tips that you should follow before giving birth, whether it was natural or cesarean, and they are summarized in the following points:


Get away from stress

Stress increases the secretion of adrenaline, which is an antidote to the hormone oxytocin that is responsible for the start of labour, so you have to be calm and not irritable or anxious.


Hot shower

Hot water helps reduce pain and dilate the cervix if you prefer a natural birth. The hot water helps you relax.


Doing breathing exercises

Preparing for pregnancy by practicing breathing before delivery is one of the most important preparations for childbirth. It trains you to regulate your breathing during labor, helps relieve pain, and helps provide adequate oxygen for you and your baby during birth.


Eat foods vitamins-rich 


Foods rich with vitamins help a lot during pregnancy, such as vitamin K, which works on blood clotting and reduce bleeding after childbirth.



Because the movement of the body and walking allow the fetus to descend into the pelvis and speed up the birth process, but you must be careful while walking so that this does not cause amniotic water leakage and dehydration before birth.


Tips to facilitate natural childbirth


In order for the birth to take place, the opening of the cervix must reach 10 cm, so that the baby’s head can pass through it to complete the birth. the womb:

  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your muscles.

  • Sitting position, back extension and stretching exercises help open the cervix.

  • Massaging the nipples, starting from the ninth month, constantly helps stimulate the opening of the cervix.

  • The medical examination performed by the doctor helps in that.

  • Avoid the wrong exercises spread on the Internet and always ask the professionals.


Hot water and cervical opening

Bathing in warm water helps open the cervix, relaxes her and facilitates the natural birth process.


Steps to Natural Childbirth

Here are steps to help you stimulate a natural birth so that the birth is easy with the least amount of pain:

  • The first step: choosing a doctor who encourages natural childbirth and following up with him step by step.

  •  The second step: The experiences of mothers help you identify the steps of childbirth and what you need, and it is a good opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others, but avoid negative thoughts, and you can build a circle of acquaintances that supports you and prepares and encourages you for natural childbirth.

  • The third step: Massage and muscle massage throughout pregnancy, especially before and during childbirth, helps relieve the pain of natural childbirth and facilitates it without the need for a cesarean delivery.

  • Fourth step: Maintaining drinking sufficient amounts of water helps to contract and relax the muscles well and gives you the required flexibility.

  • The fifth step: Exercise to maintain strong and flexible muscles, which increases the chances of natural childbirth, except in certain medical cases and cases of recurrent miscarriage. It is preferable to consult a doctor before performing these exercises.


Pooping During Labor

One of the embarrassing things that bothers many pregnant women is the descent of some pooping during labour birth process, and you can get rid of this by using an enema immediately before childbirth, which is completely safe and healthy and helps to speed up childbirth, and it also delays the mother’s need to do this after childbirth, which is make ensure the cleanliness of the wound for the birth attendant, and thus the possibility of infection of the wound.


Prepare your needs and put them in a bag for the day of birth


Before going to the hospital to give birth, you must have a bag ready with everything you and your newborn baby will need. It is preferable that it be prepared at the beginning of the ninth month to prepare for birth. In the case of twins, you can prepare it early because most cases of twins give birth early.

In your bag there are two sections: the first is for your baby's necessities and the second will be for yours:


  • loose-fitting clothes for postpartum

  • hospital discharge clothes

  • Nursing bras

  • Mother's underwear.

  • Maternal sanitary napkin.

  • Personal hygiene items for the mother (toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, face wash)

  • Lip balm because the lips will dry out during childbirth.

  • phone charger.


Now try to relax in the last days of your pregnancy and avoid the things that increase your stress. Don't let negative thoughts creep into you and don't worry, God created the mother's body to bear many amazing things.

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