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Newborn baby shopping list .. all you need

In the first weeks of birth, mom may not be able to buy the baby’s necessities, due to her health condition and her preoccupation with many details related to her baby, so we recommend renting her for all purposes for the baby before the date of birth to ensure some comfort for the mother and the baby during that period, and in the coming lines, a list of all the purposes and tools, needed by mother and newborn baby, includes:

  1. Clothing.

  2. diapers.

  3. Bath and grooming supplies.

  4. Feeding supplies.

  5. sleep necessities.

  6. Baby Carriers.


Baby essentials in summer and winter & according to the gender 

Although there is not much difference in the needs of a newborn in summer or winter, there are many newborn items that you may need more if your baby is born in the summer and other items that you need more if he is born in winter.


For example: Mothers need to use baby care products, creams, oils, moisturizers and sunscreens that are dangerous to your baby's skin in their first weeks, more in summer than in winter.


While you need blankets and heavy and thermal clothes more in the winter, taking into account buying more pieces of clothes due to the different speed of washing and drying clothes, and the child needs to wear more pieces of clothes.

As well as the gender of the newborn, whether boy or girl will affect on the designs and colors, we choose to purchase.


  1. Baby Cloth

The items needed for the newborn should be prepared according to the date of the birth of the baby in summer or winter, while the color of the clothes must be taken into account according to the type of the baby. Pink can be used for girls and blue for boys, for example, and you can buy neutral colors if the type of baby is not yet clear.


Baby clothes in summer:


  • “Al sabou” outfit.

  • 6 sleeveless bodysuits.

  • 6 short sleeves bodysuits

  • 6 long sleeves bodysuits.

  • 6 underwares.

  • 6 pajamas, two pieces.

  • 6 pants.

  • 3 cotton head covers.

  • 3 sets to go out.

  • 6 socks .


Baby clothes in winter:


  • “Al sabou” outfit.

  • A waterproofsuit or a jacket.

  • 12 sleeveless bodysuit.

  • 12 short sleeves bodysuits

  • 12 long sleeves bodysuits.

  • 12 underwares.

  • 6 winter pajamas & trainings.

  • 12 pants.

  • 3 wool head covers.

  • 2 pairs of gloves.

  • 3 inner fleece flannels

  • 3 sets to go out.

  • 6 pairs of socks.


  1. Diapers


The needs of the child do not differ here, whether a girl or a boy, but it must be taken in consideration, the child consumes more diapers in winter than in summer.


  • Diaper bags.

  • + 10 diapers.

  • Diaper changing mat.

  • Alcohol-free wet wipes.

  • Soiled diaper bags.

  • Home diaper box.


  1. Bath and skin care


Baby care becomes easier some essentials help you, and skin, hair and bathing products make the bath time more fun for mother & baby.


  • A baby monitor if the house is large.

  • Newborn baby shampoo.

  • Balm for newborns.

  • Baby hair oil.

  • Baby oil to massage and soothe the baby's body.

  • bath tub for bath.

  • A bath sponge for newborn.

  • Towel with hood.

  • Lotion or shower gel.

  • 3 cotton towels.

  • Anti-diaper rash cream.

  • Pedicure set for children.

  • Newborn hair brush.

  • Thermometer to measure temperature.

  • Nose aspirator.

  • Nose saline solution.


  1. Feeding Supplies


In the event that the mother chooses to breastfeed, there are many products that can help her. Also, when choosing  bottle feeding, we have prepared a list of products that the mother needs, we present them as follows:


For breastfeeding:


  • 3 bottles of different sizes.

  • Bottle cleaning brush.

  • Soothers.

  • breast pump

  • Milk storage bottles.

  • Cotton feeding pads.

  • Nursing pillow.

  • Breastfeeding bras.

  • Breastfeeding cover.

  • Creams and lotions to prevent sore nipples.


For bottle feeding:


  • 3 bottles of different sizes.

  • Soothers.

  • A thermos to keep hot water.

  • Cleaning brush for brushes.

  • Thermal cap for foam.

  • pacifier

  •  Cotton feeding pads.

  • Nursing pillow.

  • Breastfeeding bras.

  • Creams and lotions to prevent sore nipples.


  1. Sleeping essentials

Whether you decide to sleep your baby on a separate bed or decide not to sleep in a separate room, you need some items, you can choose from them according to your needs, and here are the most important ones:


  • 2 blankets.

  • 2 light blankets.

  • 3 sets of bed sheets.

  • Children's bed.

  • Baby calming toys.

  • Pillow designed for infants.

  • Baby crib mattress.

  • Waterproof mattress covers.

  • Lightweight comforter for winter.

  • A dark curtain to darken the room by day.

  • Children's mosquito net to protect against insects.


6. Baby Strollers & Carriers

These products help you to go out with your child freely and safely, and work on your comfort and convenience at the same time, and you can choose what you need from them.


  • car seat

  • Stroller

  • Carrier (baby carrier)

  • Hammock chair.

  • dining chair.

  • Baby carrier (Carricot)


Baby room preparation

  • Room walls: The walls must be painted in bright colors, with consideration of the newborn  gender. If it is a common room, neutral colors can be used.

  • Room floor: The floors should be covered with carpets designed for children that are anti-slip and safe when they fall, or at least allocate safe spaces in this way, and there are many children’s carpets made of cork in colors and shapes that suit all types of decor.

  • Children's bed: You can buy a multi-level bed that will fit longer than its life, or a bed that can be folded or recycled after use because children grow quickly.

  • Lighting system: The room’s lighting system changes a lot in its appearance. A multi-purpose lighting system should not be used, between white and yellow lights, and lighting that can be used when sleeping. Also, make sure to use blackout curtains on windowsills and balconies, which are what you will need during the day when the child sleeps.

  • Mosquito net: Newborn babies are very sensitive to mosquitoes and insects, so you must make sure that no insects reach them, whether mosquitoes or flies, by using a high-quality mosquito net that prevents insects from entering them.

  • Room organizers: The organizers that are used to organize the baby’s essentials are considered one of the best inventions that help mother reach her baby’s supplies away from the clutter caused by the lack of enough free space, so the organizers are one of the most important pieces that you can buy.


We have provided you with all the newborn essentials and items that every mother needs on her maternity journey and caring for her newborn baby. You can shop online within, the best online shoppping website in Egypt for all baby & mom needs, Buy all of your needs before you feel on of the childbirth's signs, you must always make sure to acquire high-quality items that do not affect the health of our children, whether in clothes, diapers, care supplies, they are honest and always work on their comfort and happiness.

We also provide you with a list of hospitalbirth prices in cairo, and some tips in the day of the childbirth to follow and make your birth more easier.

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